Are you a corporate professional feeling the weight of a high-stress job? Discover how your group insurance might unlock the key to a healthier, more balanced life with Pilates.

We’re excited to reveal that many corporate insurance plans in Canada recognize Pilates under naturopathic treatments. Thanks to our certified teacher, Alexandra—who is accredited by Canada’s ANQ—you could be reimbursed for up to 80% of your private Pilates sessions.

Imagine enhancing your well-being without the financial burden. Pilates isn’t just about physical strength; it’s a transformative practice that supports both mental and emotional resilience, helping you manage your demanding career with poise.

Here is the list of the Group Insurer that covers Naturopathy (including Pilates)

- RBC Insurance
- Manulife
- SSQ Insurance
- Beneva
- La Capitale
- Desjardins

- UV Insurance
- Co-operators
- Medic-Construction
- Union Life
- AGA Insurance
- Johnson Insurance

- Humania
- Assumption Life
- Empire Life
- Equitable Life (on selected police)
- GreenShield (on selected police)

Leading insurers like Desjardins, RBC Insurance, Manulife, and Sun Life Financial already support Pilates as a form of naturopathic treatment. Don’t miss out on these benefits due to a lack of information. Contact your HR department or insurance provider today to find out more about your specific coverage.

Join us at LOVJOY Pilates where we foster a supportive and empowering environment. Start your wellness journey with a complimentary consultation or introductory class. Embrace the holistic benefits of Pilates and make the most of your group insurance—because your well-being is an invaluable investment.

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