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Feel the LOVJOY Difference. Let’s work deeper into all pelvic floor issues with our LOVJOY Pelvic Floor classes.

Try these 3 free sessions designed to help you connect with and strengthen your pelvic floor.

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Everyone deserves to feel good in their body! 

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Gut & Pelvic Health in 6 Weeks!

Kickstart your weightloss & heathy pelvic floor life

In collaboration with our LOVJOY Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Cindy Wong and myself Alexandra, we designed:

A program especially for women over 40, focusing on pelvic floor health, building a strong core,  incorporating gut health nutrition and weight-loss meal plans.

Cindy and

Get ready to join hundreds of women over 40 who have taken their health into their own hands.



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you deserve care


with kids, work, chores, and a million other things, you give 110% every day. But… when do you take time for yourself?


With short Pilates workouts and mom-to-mom connection, I help mamas make time to celebrate and care for themselves. When we put ourselves first, we cultivate energy, strength, and joy. That lifts up our families, too.



Prepare & Celebrate

Doctors focus on your blood pressure and the baby. Pilates lets you do so much more to stay healthy, reduce pain, celebrate your changing body, and prepare for the birth you want. 


Hold on to Yourself

Your baby needs a lot of care, but you still matter, too. Pilates can help with everything from postpartum depression to enjoying sex again to not peeing when you cough. (No, it’s not normal!) 

Busy Women

Put Yourself First

Sore neck? Bad mood? Low energy? Just 20 minutes of Pilates leaves you strong and energized, so you can wrestle with your kids, enjoy your relationship, and have a happier family life. 


Age with Joy

Make menopause a new beginning. With Pilates, you can enjoy sex, sports, and life for decades to come (without worrying about fragile bones or a weak bladder).

Welcome to Your Pilates Playground


Private 1-on-1 Pass

One-hour personalised Pilates session with my undivided attention. Whether you’re looking to tone up, de-stress, or simply enjoy some “me” time, let’s work together to bring your best self!


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Love it or get your money back.

Lovjoy Pilates OnDemand + LIVE Group

On-demand Pilates classes with live group classes – the best of both worlds!

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/ month

30-day money-back guarantee, Cancel Anytime

Lovjoy Pilates OnDemand

Love your body with Lovjoy Pilates OnDemand. Self-love through self-care.

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/ month

30-day money-back guarantee, Cancel Anytime

Just 30 Minutes

You’re worth it!

Workouts are just 30 minutes, and you can do them whenever and wherever you want.

LVJOY PILATES makes Pilates as much a part of your self-care routine as brushing your teeth.

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  • No missing out because of a sick kid
  • No embarrassment over a crying baby
  • Fits in your schedule
  • Better results! ( 3 X 20 min practices per week are much better than 1 hour)

Pilates is a form of exercise developed by a man named Joseph Pilates. He named the method Contrology; A practice focused on developing the mind-body connection. It is a mindful movement system utilizing specialized machines to provide feedback, support and challenge to the body as needed. It’s purpose is to develop an understanding of the body and how it works most efficiently. Pilates purpose is to strengthen all movements by connecting to a powerful core.

It is not based on the movement but on a specific desired muscular engagement, relaxation and/or release. Movement isn’t for movement’s sake but to create a specific outcome. So, we judge the movement as positive or negative based on somatic experience (how it feels… what is working and what isn’t). Pilates also lengthens muscles, rather than shortens them, to create strength. This enables more fluid movement and much more support for joints which is why it is so beneficial for rehabilitating and preventing injury. It utilizes all ranges of motion available in the body so that what was once awkward or disconnected becomes available and strong!

Pilates can challenge the most athletic person and care for the most injured. Its inception was, in fact, a form of physical therapy. The machines originated from hospital beds with springs attached…to rehabilitate the injured and ill. It then became the famous ‘go-to’ form of fitness for New York dancers. It has now become an integral part of every serious athlete’s training and is a ‘go-to’ prescription for people after injury, surgery etc.

Pilates will help you understand your body better. Pilates develops core strength in a way that absolutely nothing else does due to that deepened understanding of the body and specific repertoire designed to encourage all movements from the center. It is fantastic for pain and stress relief, as well as the satisfaction of a challenging, mindful, functional, varied and fun workout!

Our clientele is literally from eight years old to in their 90s. People come in on crutches, as well as right before or after their pro football practice. There is almost no contraindication for Pilates when taught in a Private session by a knowledgeable instructor.

Unlike most exercises, you could do Pilates every day and not feel too sore to do it the next day. If it is your only or primary form of exercise, we recommend three times a week or more. We have many dedicated people who come in five days a week. But also one or two times a week as a supplemental, cross-training benefit to the body is fantastic! You begin to feel a difference in the body after one or two sessions…after 10 sessions, you will begin to see it. Talk to anyone with dedicated practice…their posture, longevity, performance, lean muscle tone, and overall well-being would not be close to what it is without it.

Pilates is there for you to facilitate all the other things you love. It aids in flexibility and corrects imbalances that come from almost any other form of exercise. It helps to connect a flexible Yogi or Dancer in order to not strain the joints. It helps to open the Crossfitter, football player, triathlete, or even those who are tight from walking regularly. It helps to create higher performance and mitigate the negative side effects of all other forms of movement. And is also a fantastic primary form of exercise for those who are passionate about Pilates!

We believe there is value in all Pilates philosophies. Alexandra has both classical and contemporary training, as well as continuing education in other forms of functional movement and personal training. We have a team that is ready for anything and could satisfy the most discerning client.

Lovjoy pilates, Beginners pilates Guide for Mamas

Are you new to Pilates and looking to learn more? Our free e-book is the perfect guide for beginners!

Inside, you'll discover the history of Pilates and the benefits of incorporating it into your fitness routine. You'll also learn about the pillar concept of the pilates method and gain tips and tricks for getting started with your Pilates practice.

Whether you're looking to improve your posture, reduce stress, or build core strength, Pilates can help you achieve your fitness goals. And the best part? Our e-book is completely free!

Download our e-book today and take the first step towards transforming your body and mind with Pilates.

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Free 22 pages Pilates Beginners guide for Mamas

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.
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Caring for the carers

Alexandra is passionate about Pilates and wishes to share its benefits with women worldwide. Her personal journey with her disabled son and her own physical and mental health has given her a unique perspective on the importance of self-care and the role of Pilates in achieving it.

Pregnant with her second baby, she became a certified Pilates Matwork teacher at Body Control Pilates school in London, UK in 2015. She continued to deepen her knowledge to support mothers at all stages of life. She developed a mobile application after her third baby, to make Pilates accessible to everyone, even those who do not have access to a studio or a local teacher. 

Her dream is to empower women to prioritize their own well-being by loving their bodies so that they can continue to enjoy their family life. Her favourite activities outside of Pilates are family picnics, cycling, swimming, and long walks in nature.

My name is Alexandra and this is my playground. I love and breathe Pilates. You will find here: Books, Pilates accessories for all budgets and other goodies that I can’t live without. If you want to join the community come and join me on my free mobile app. I see you soon!
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