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Empowered Balance: Alexandra’s LOVJOY Pilates Story

Hello there, and welcome to our cozy corner of the world at LOVJOY Pilates. This isn’t just a blog about Pilates exercises; it’s about life, love, and the little joys we find along the way.



I’m Alexandra, and today, I’m here to share my story of going from despair to a renewed life. But first, Let’s rewind to 2011. Here I was on that picture, holding the Oscar for the best visual effect for the film ‘Inception,’ alongside the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts award. 



It seems like a picture of a dream coming true, but behind the shine and smiles, I was facing one of my life’s toughest challenges – the loss of my dear son Philippe. While it looked like it should have been the pinnacle of my career life, I was broken and lost in my identity as I was no longer a mother, grieving what was lost. The purpose of my life. My first born son.



At this point, Pilates had been a part of my life for a while, a practice that always brought me balance and strength. But it was in the wake of my loss, during this emotionally charged time, that I truly understood the power of what I had been practicing. Pilates wasn’t just a physical discipline for me; it had evolved into a source of balance, a way to navigate through my grief and find a sense of peace amidst turmoil.



This realisation was a turning point. It sparked a desire to share the healing and strength I found in Pilates with others. I wanted to give back and create a space where people, especially those going through rough patches, could discover the same comfort and empowerment that Pilates offered me.


Philippe’s Story and the Path to LOVJOY Pilates

1930444 42413717040 5702 nIt all started with the birth of my son. Philippe’s story began with a diagnosis of hydrocephalus, a challenging start to life that reshaped our life path.


We were in the United States then, marked by frequent, critical hospital visits, each a stark reminder of the delicate balance of life. 


Facing these circumstances, I made a life-altering decision to move back to the UK, seeking the best care for Philippe and a supportive environment for us both.


This move, however, came with its own set of sacrifices. 

It marked the start of my journey as a single mother. Balancing a demanding career in Visual Effects with the intense needs of caring for Philippe was like walking a tightrope. Our lives oscillated between normalcy and emergency, presenting new challenges and learning experiences each day.


In the UK, while navigating a high-paced career and Philippe’s care, life blended small victories and significant struggles. It was during this period that I discovered Pilates. It was God’s way to give me the tools I needed, it evolved from a routine practice to the vital source of strength and stability I needed. Pilates became more than an exercise – it was my way of coping, healing, and rediscovering my resilience.


The lessons I learned during those years – the importance of self-care, the power of inner strength, and the value of community support – this was foundation of what would become LOVJOY Pilates.

The Healing Power of Pilates and Community Support


After my son passed away, those Pilates sessions became my sanctuary. On the mat,  I found a moment’s peace in a world that felt turned upside down. It was more than just exercise; it was my path back to finding a little bit of myself again.


And I have to tell you about the incredible support I received from my Christian community. They were my rock. Whether I needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to just sit with me in silence, they were there. Their kindness and prayers helped light my way through some pretty dark times.


This mix of Pilates and the love from my church family was a game-changer for me. Every Pilates move, every breath I took, helped me regain a bit of control and strength. It’s funny how focusing on your breathing and movement can bring such clarity and calm to your life.


This whole experience and the birth of my 2nd child, a healthy daughter Joanna and then my 3rd,  healthy son Rafael ,inspired me to start LOVJOY Pilates. I wanted to create a place that was more than just a Pilates studio – a community where every mother, no matter her struggle, could come and find the same strength and support that I did.


famillyLOVJOYsquare A Dream to Connect and Empower

 So, how did LOVJOY Pilates come to life? It all began with a dream to reach out and connect with moms everywhere, in every corner of the world. This dream was born out of my own experiences as a mother and the challenges that come with it.



After re-marrying and starting a new chapter with my supportive husband and our two beautiful children and two stepchildren, I found myself immersed in the joys and trials of motherhood once again. Life was good, but the reality of being a mom, with all its ups and downs, was ever-present. Raising children, healthy or not, is a journey filled with challenges, especially in today’s fast-paced world.



Drawing from my own life experiences, where I’ve balanced motherhood, a demanding career, and personal struggles, I wanted to create something special. My vision was to bring relief and strength directly into the chaos of daily life for moms. That’s where the concept of LOVJOY Pilates, a 100% remote Virtual Pilates studio, was created.




Our Approach at LOVJOY Pilates: Nurturing Body and Soul

LOVJOY ROUND LOGOI’ve crafted an approach that’s tailored for a mom like you – the amazing, hardworking very busy moms. I go beyond the traditional physical movements of Pilates. My focus is on creating an oasis of self-care and empowerment amidst your bustling life. Each class is thoughtfully designed to strengthen your body, soothe your mind, and uplift your spirits.


Being entirely remote, the sessions seamlessly fit into the rhythm of your life. Whether you’ve got a few spare minutes during your baby’s nap time, or you’re finding a moment for yourself amid work and family duties, our classes are adaptable to your schedule. I deeply understand the unique chaos and beauty of mom-life, which is why LOVJOY Pilates is committed to being a convenient, supportive, and rejuvenating experience for you.


In each class, you’ll find your personal retreat. It’s a space for laughter, stretching, and perhaps a few joyful tears. It’s about reconnecting with your body and mind in a nurturing environment. Our classes are designed to build not just physical strength but also the inner resilience that powers you through the challenges of motherhood and life.


Despite the physical distance, the bond within our LOVJOY community creates a profound sense of connection. We’re a diverse group of moms, each with our own unique stories and struggles, coming together to support, encourage, and uplift one another. In our virtual space, you’ll discover friends who get it – the joys, the exhaustion, the unconditional love, and yes, the occasional need for a good heart-to-heart.


Alexandra PictureLOVJOY Pilates: Your Path to Strength and Serenity

As our conversation here comes to a close, I warmly invite you to become a part of the LOVJOY Pilates family. Joining us is more than just signing up for a Pilates class; it’s about becoming part of a community that genuinely understands and supports you. 


Imagine a space where you can find strength, serenity, and a bit of joy amidst the everyday hustle. We’re here to welcome you with open arms, whether you’re an experienced Pilates enthusiast or just beginning your journey to wellness.


To make your first step easy, we offer an introductory call where we can discuss your goals and how LOVJOY Pilates can seamlessly integrate into your life. This call is a chance for us to connect, for you to ask any questions, and for us to plan the best way to start your Pilates journey.



So, why wait? Take this moment for yourself, not as an afterthought, but as a priority. Because when you nurture yourself, you’re better equipped to care for those you love. Join us at Lovejoy Pilates, and let’s embark on this journey of wellness, strength, and community together

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My name is Alexandra and this is my playground. I love and breathe Pilates. You will find here: Books, Pilates accessories for all budgets and other goodies that I can’t live without. If you want to join the community come and join me on my free mobile app. I see you soon!
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